What brings you to derby?


Hella Huffle Tuff #42
Kellie Jane Kipper (Roc Quarry 2018)



I started practicing with Roc City Roller Derby’s training league, Roc Quarry, in January 2018. New Year, new me! #quadskateswhodis I find myself bringing up roller derby a lot, and people almost always ask why I chose this sport to call home. I guess when you casually bring up joining a full contact sport that calls their newest members “fresh meat”, people want to know what made you do that. Well, Yeah!

What DID bring me to roller
derby? Could it have been the hours I spent on skates as a kid?
Yes, probably. Or was it the promise of a bad ass derby name?
Uh, yes! How about, the desire to do more with the community outside of working a desk job? Where do I sign up? These realizations made the decision a no-brainer. And though it’s difficult at times, the experience has
been more than worth it!



When asked, “What keep you lacing up your skates every week?” there are five main reasons, with many more I could go on about but will spare you the graduate research paper length essay this time!

1. It’s hard! And super rewarding! I found out quickly that you feel cooler on skates in your head than in reality. But, I’ve never felt cooler than when I jumped IN THE AIR on skates for the first time. Roller derby keeps bringing up things that I think I’ll never be able to do…and then I do them. It’s
really rewarding. Just remember to leave lots of space and time for learning.


2. It’s a group of accepting awesome people. The derby universe (‘derbyverse’, as it is more commonly known) is full of people that show up for their sport and each other. I’m constantly impressed by how helpful, awesome, and accepting roller derby folks are. I don’t know everyone very well yet but I’m so excited to continue being a part of something like this.
If I need help or encouragement to master my next skill, I don’t have to look far.

3. Skates are a great teacher. I have learned a lot about myself on skates so far. Sometimes, it really is ‘skates on - world off’. Other times it is ‘skates on - oh hey, here’s your stuff’. Being in Quarry has helped me to look at some of the things that hold me back as a person. It’s shown me what I want to
work on and I have no doubt it will help me get there.

4. Cool outfits, Rad Names, Sweet Gear! And the stickers! Oh my god, the stickers. I don’t know why this is #4 because it might really be my favorite part collecting awesome derby merchandise.

5. Also it’s a chance to get involved with the local community by engaging in local events, games, and other derby meet ups. If you think you’re ready for roller derby - I recommend showing up to the next fresh meat recruiting session and seeing for yourself what it is all about.