Meet RCRD’s next up and coming Jammer,

Foe Paws #37!

Now don’t let the name deceive you, friends. This short and sweet, enthusiastic skater is one heck of an athlete! From the Tough Mudder to the frequent “Zombie Runs”, Foe Paws loves to get out and stay active! Running dozens of miles at a time is a favorite hobby of hers, and she has strong admiration for all of the friendly people she’s met from scaling walls and enduring those serious army crawls. Always wanting more, however, this skater can also be found enjoying the rock walls, kayaking, and just about anything that gets her outdoors. And even with all of the activity, Foe Paws finds a way to enjoy many of the personal and social things she holds near and dear to her heart.

Stacey Bartlett is an avid dog lover, owning her own boarding kennel and doggie daycare here in Monroe County. The derby name is fitting, right? “Paws”, as known on the track, also has two of her own pups at home, with the addition of two cats that she gets to spend her free evenings with. I think plenty of you can relate, but one thing Stacey cannot live without is the compassion she has for her four legged furry friends. There’s a lot to be said about the character someone has through their kindness and appreciation for animals, too. It just makes Stacey that much more wonderful within our Roc City Roller Derby Family.


Even though learning to skate on quads for the first time isn’t the easiest thing to do, Paws picked it up naturally. In fact, one of Paws’ goals for the season was to pass assessments and get drafted to a team in 2018! Well, I’m happy to report that MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. You can catch Paws flying around the track with the biggest smile on her face as another pivotal member of our amazing B-Sides!

When asked, “What’s your favorite part about roller derby so far?” Paws had a wonderful response that I had to share:

“It is great to get to play on a team again; I grew up playing sports and haven't really been able to find that type of feeling in adult leagues before finding roller derby.  It is good exercise, and it feels good getting to learn something that is entirely new to me.  My favorite thing has to be the community though.  I have never felt so welcome or so at home anywhere this quickly before, and probably not anywhere ever other than my house and kennel.  I never have socialized much because I'm shy and uncertain around new people, and usually can't get past that to make new friends.  I felt like I was home at the HOB after the first few times I was there. It feels like family.”


It is absolutely fitting and necessary to top off our introduction to the incredible Paws with one of her favorite fun facts! Did you know that otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t float away from each other? This has absolutely nothing to do with roller derby, but everything to do with why we love this skater so much.

Be sure to catch our newest family member on the track in 2018, Foe Paws!