Toni Sparxx #481

Toni Sparxx joined Roc City in 2014. She was a member of the Rottenchesters in 2014, a B-Sides skater in 2015, and is currently enjoying her second season as a Roc Star!

DERBY JOBS: Secretary; Policies and Procedures Committee Chair

NON-DERBY JOB: Quality Engineer for an Injection Molding Manufacturing Facility

LIKES: cat Larry (he's pretty epic),  sleeping and watching large amounts of Netflix in one sitting, running (training for first half marathon in April!)

WHY ROLLER DERBY? "There is no other place where you'll meet the people you'll meet than roller derby. I'm inspired by my friends, and encouraged by all who are apart of this league. It's a place I went after playing competitive college soccer and wanted to continue the same regimented schedule with a team that I could call my family. I'm continuously amazed by the flood of love and support that pours out of this league. There's nothing like it."

WHAT IS THE MOST OBSCURE FACT YOU KNOW? "Increasing the barrel temps on an injection molding machine using nylon material improves the consistency of Back Pressure and Time To Plasticate a plastic component."