Terminal Trend #823

Terminal Trend started skating back in 2010. Once trying out and making a home team, she has always held the position of Blocker, but has the utmost respect for Jammers. She skates for the 5H85's during the home season. For the travel season, she started and stayed with the B-Sides for a year before becoming an alt for the Roc Stars at the beginning of her second year with the B's. Shortly after, her derby dreams came true when she was asked to be a part of the team she had looked up to since her start. And that is where she has spent the majority of her RCRD life honing her skills. When she's not checking people on the track she enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music and just enjoying life because, "Hey, tomorrow is not promised". She has enjoyed her derby career and wishes she had known about the league sooner but has no regrets. Trend is looking forward to a smashing season and rocking the track with her teammates.

LEAGUE ACCOLADES: Most Valuable Blocker - Roc Stars (2016)

DERBY JOB: Conflict Resolution Committee Co-Chair, Roc Stars Co-Captain

NON-DERBY JOB: Office Support for a cool agency that provides OT, PT and Speech Therapy services for kiddos and their families.

LIKES: spending time with friends and family, derby, doggies

DISLIKES: mean, close minded people, the sound of someone chewing food

WHY DERBY? "Why not? It's fast, physical and strategic. Oh and FUN!!!!"