Stabbity Ann #187

Stabbity Ann began her derby adventure as an extremely shy, quiet individual in October of 2008. She had never even seen a flat track derby bout and hadn't skated since childhood but her sister, Gravity Kills, dragged her to a practice. After meeting all the amazing people involved in RCRD at the time (most with as little skating experience as herself) she decided to stick with it and it quickly became an integral part of her life.

Over the years, Stabbity has skated with several teams. She was a founding skater on the Midtown Maulers home team and skated with them the entire 4 years they were active, acting as co-captain in their final season. When the Roc Stars and B-Sides were formed, Stabbity became an alternate for the RocStars and one of the first B-Sides. She remained a dedicated B-Sides skater for several years until being pulled up to the Roc Stars for the 2017 season.

There have been several challenges and various injuries throughout Stabbity's derby career but she remains passionate about this incredible sport and the league that has become her second family.

DERBY JOBS:  League Historian

NON-DERBY JOB: Lead Banking Ops Specialist of the Research Dept at Canandaigua National Bank

LIKES: Derby, spending time with family, being an aunt to the best 4 year old niece out there, animals (2 cats and a rabbit), super hero movies/shows, baking shows, sleep

DISLIKES: Large crowds, mornings, pineapple, not being able to play derby all the time

WHY ROLLER DERBY? "I have never been very interested in sports. At first, it was the people that drew me in - they were very welcoming, encouraging and fun. Then the sport just got into my blood. Having started in 2008 I have seen derby evolve a great deal over the years to the fast paced, strategic, athletic sport it is today and it is always presenting new challenges, new skills to learn, new strategies to implement."