Hater Tot #27

Hater Tot had never been on quads til 2008 and now, she never wants to take them off. She was an ice figure skater in her childhood but once she went to college the time for skating was over...until she read a news article in the D and C that a few girls were looking to form a league. She tracked them down via MySpace, found where they were skating that week, went and watched one practice, went to the Auburn Rollerdrome that weekend and ordered roller skates. The rest...is history.

LEAGUE ACCOLADES: Numerous Most Valuable Blocker and Heavy Hitter Awards from home and away games

DERBY JOBS: League President; Ticket Manager

NON-DERBY JOB: Sociotherapist in a residential treatment facility

LIKES: Sushi, tacos, crafting, camping, music, movies, reading

WHY ROLLER DERBY?: "Great workout, stress release, and good friends."

WHAT'S THE MOST OBSCURE FACT YOU KNOW? "Giraffes have black tongues."