How can I join as a skater?

Our rolling recruitment process feeds new recruits into our Roc Quarry program, where new skaters will learn the basics of skating and more experienced skaters will learn the basics of roller derby! Skaters transferring from other leagues also go through Roc Quarry to be evaluated before trying out for a team. Go to our Join Us page for more details!

How can I join as a referee or Non-skating official?

Roc City Roller Derby is always looking for referees, NSOs, and other volunteer staff and would be delighted to have you! See our Join Us page for details.

What are the most common misconceptions about roller derby?

Misconception #1: There are no rules in roller derby.
RCRD follows the rules of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), an organization created by skaters, for skaters that promotes female athleticism. WFTDA has created a standardized set of rules that govern the ever-evolving sport, allowing teams to bout competitively in local, national and international competitions. To find detailed rules and other roller derby resources, please visit the WFTDA website

Misconception #2: Skaters hit with their elbows.
Elbows are not included within the legal blocking zone and may not be used to contact opposing skaters during game play. Occasionally it may happen but the offending player will incur a penalty.

Misconception #3: You score points by passing a ball.
Umm, no, there is no ball. You'll just have to come and watch to see.

Misconception #4: Fights are just part of the game.
Assaulting other skaters or officials is strictly prohibited. On the other hand, legally hitting opposing players with bone-crushing force is strongly encouraged...

Misconception #5: The action is staged.
This is a very competitive game and no part of the bout, barring any half-time events, is staged.

Misconception #6: Someone is making a ton of money on this.
Our league is run by the skaters, for the skaters. Because we are a non-profit organization, all funds belong to the league. Skaters are not getting paid for their efforts. On the contrary, each skater must pay monthly dues to maintain the league.  All bout production expenses, uniforms, practice space rental, insurance costs, travel costs, lodging, events, etc. are paid for by the league with skater dues and occasional fundraisers. Likewise, portions of the proceeds from each bout go to local charities. RCRD is always in need of sponsors to cover these costs, and sponsors are recognized and praised for their contributions. To support your local derby athletes, please see our Sponsorship section. 

What is it like to go to a roller derby game?

Get tickets, preferably in advance of the event, as many games sell out. You can either sit in the stands, or bring your own folding chair to sit track-side. You'll pick a team to root for and you'll cheer during introductions. If you are not already a fan, base your decision on something completely arbitrary and fun, such as I like that one girl's socks. When the jammer of your team scores by passing the other team's skaters, scream—they're working really hard for you.  

Understand the basics of the game: the point of the game is for each team to get their point scorer, or jammer, past all the opposing skaters, as many times as possible. The pack of skaters block against each other, trying to clear space for their jammer, while getting in the way of the opposing jammer. Cheer loudly when a referee announces a Lead Jammer with two whistle blasts. This (usually) is awarded to the first jammer to emerge from the pack. This jammer now has the power to end the jam before two minutes elapse (the maximum time per jam), which can be a big strategic advantage for her team.

If there are elements of the game you don't understand, don't be shy about chatting with your neighbor—this isn't the opera. We also have a 'Doctor Derby' at our home games that will be walking around to answer questions.  

Give positive attention to the referees and non-skating officials, they volunteer their time to make the game safe, fair, and fun, and it's a really hard job. Ask your fellow fans who they are rooting for—they are usually happy to explain their take or the finer points of strategy. 

As always, feel free to join the league at the after party!

How does partnering with you help my business?

There are many advertisement options, both in game and on our website. In-game options include scoreboard ads, sponsorship banners, announcer options and more. You can also secure a table at games, be included on our home game posters posted across town or just buy ad space in our programs!