All Inclusive Scrimmage - The Zodiac Thriller


The year of the dog is upon us! Join your friends in the Roc for the last in this series of scrimmages before RCRD starts hard preparations for this coming season. Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated with fireworks, dragon puppets dancing in the street, and killer food; we’re offering a beastly test of athleticism and will to celebrate the occasion. If you’re really excited about the dragons and explosions, then we will take your wishes into account and do our utmost most post a gif of these things... maybe two if ask nice enough.

February 17th from 12:00pm to 2:00pm at Roc City Roller Derby's very own House of Bruise! $5 to play as a non-RCRD league skater.

Want to watch friends and strangers trade blows and high-fives up close? Admission for spectators is also only $5, bring a folding chair and a friend!

Come prepared, conditions will be cold for skaters and spectators!

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Thanks to our league photographers Julie Oldfield and April D'Amico as well as Tim Buisman Photography