Wrecking Belle #223

Since joining Roc City Roller Derby Belle has broken her leg, torn her PCL, torn her UCL, sprained her ankle, and scratched her cornea. She is looking forward to a great season with the B-Sides and hopefully will remain injury free. (Knock on wood)


LEAGUE ACCOLADES: Most Improved - Rottenchesters, B-Sides and NSOs; Most Dedicated - Rottenchesters

DERBY JOBS: Board of Directors (At-Large Member)

LIKES: Guitar, knitting, hanging out with her dog, human bones, and roller derby of course!

WHY ROLLER DERBY? "It's my stress management."

WHAT IS THE MOST OBSCURE FACT YOU KNOW? "The Fugates are a family of blue people that lived in Troublesome Creek for many generations."