Salt N' UR Wound #248

Salt N' Ur Wound was inspired to try roller derby after watching a Detroit Derby Girls bout. She thought she "wouldn't die," and it would be fun to start skating again after missing her days at the roller rink. It took Salty a few attempts at the sport, before really sticking to it and pushing herself to be an athlete & competitor, something she hadn't done before. Derby has made Salty stronger both physically and mentally. She is proud to (finally) be a dedicated roller girl and Roc City Roller Derby member.


DERBY JOB: Skater Thanks And Recognition (STAR) Committee Chair

NON-DERBY JOB: Preschool Teacher

LIKES: Music, concerts, art, naps, vacations, coffee, food, hanging with frans (friends.)

WHY ROLLER DERBY?: "It makes me feel cool/bad ass. I like being able to push myself to accomplish goals and work with others. I love my derby family and am happy to be surrounded by strong, smart, energetic people to be league/teammates & friends."