Post Mortim(er) #934

Post Mortim(er), aka Morti, joined Roc Quarry where some fantastic coaches and visiting helpers prepared her for assessments, tryouts, and getting drafted to the B-Sides all within 7 months!


DERBY JOB: Travel Coordinator

NON-DERBY JOB: Self-employed as a trainer for child care providers (First Aid/CPR, mandated reporting, nutrition, health and safety, projects and activities)

LIKES: chauffeuring kids to hockey, play practice, gymnastics and computer coding, concerts, monster trucks, camping

DISLIKES: running

WHY ROLLER DERBY? "I hate running. I like going fast. I'm also more likely to fall down and injure myself standing on 2 feet than 8 wheels."

WHAT IS THE MOST OBSCURE FACT YOU KNOW? "That little plastic tip on your shoelaces is called an aglet."