Dang!SheFine #369

Dang!SheFine has been with RCRD for about a year and a half. Aside from Friday nights at the skating rink in 7th grade, she had no prior experience on skates. Inspired by a commercial for Whip It!, she joined the league when she moved to Rochester for college. She currently plays for the Roc City B-Sides as a jammer, and is overly excited for the 2017 season, as it is her first year of bouting. When she's not on skates, Dang! stays busy by studying towards her marketing and communications degree at Nazareth College, working part time jobs, going to her internships and squeezing in an episode of the X-Files somewhere along the way.

NON-DERBY JOB: I have a part time gig at an ice cream shop where I make sundaes for minimum wage. I also have an on campus job where I do social media marketing for my school, and then I have two internships which kind of count as jobs because they suck up more time than anything else.

LIKES: Jamming, my teammates and coaches, the badass feeling that comes with saying "I play roller derby", the body-positive atmosphere that derby offers and the chance to express yourself in a way that you can't any place else, B rate horror movies, Audrey Hepburn, tv shows with quotable one liners,  reading, writing, drawing-all that nice introvert stuff-coffee, and food, preferably of the "binge" variety.

DISLIKES: Ranch dressing. That stuff is just vile. There's just no excuse for that when we live in a world that gives us honey mustard.

WHY ROLLER DERBY? "Oh golly, you've unzipped me. Well for starters, it's great exercise; I like to stay fit but I also hate running and lifting and all the other things they recommend you do to stay in shape. And for laters, I just kind of feel like I've found my niche. I play with a group of gals and guys who I relate to, get along with, and have tons of fun around. Everyone in the league has been nothing but supportive and helpful throughout my time here, and it's just nice to be around that kind of optimism. I think the sport itself has great values behind it; I love how it values and celebrates individuality and enforces the idea that every size and shape is powerful and beautiful. I love the community, both within the league and just within the sport."

WHAT IS THE MOST OBSCURE FACT YOU KNOW? "Apparently the episode 'Home' from the X Files was inspired by a trip Charlie Chaplin took. I don't know exact details, but it's something to the effect of he was traveling around and stayed at this guy's place and when he walked inside the guy was like 'yo check this out' and just this person with limbs all cut off and whatnot just crawled out from underneath his sink."