Apex Predator #53

Apex grew up on the mean streets of Rochester, NY. She was always into non-traditional sports for women. She took karate for years. She wrestled, did shot and disc, and pole vaulted in high school. Roller Derby made sense as her adult sport of choice. Apex enjoys blocking and hitting people with her giant asset. Apex is currently a member of the Roc City Roller Derby B-Sides and the Flour City Fear (Rochester's first men's roller derby league).


DERBY JOB: Fundraising Chair

NON-DERBY JOB: Manager at Friendly's on West Ridge Rd.

LIKES: Roller Derby, watching her son play hockey, "I like being a ball of anxiety because that's who I am as a person"

WHY ROLLER DERBY? "I love the friends I have made traveling to play/watch roller derby. I have friends all over the north east just because of roller derby travel. It's amazing! Hi Grim and Tugboat!"

WHAT IS THE MOST OBSCURE FACT YOU KNOW? "Caterpillars don't know they are going to turn into butterflies, they just cocoon themselves up not knowing what is going to happen to them."