Our Mission

Roc City Roller Derby is a not-for-profit amateur athletic league that strives to promote flat-track roller derby; empower league members to develop as athletes, leaders, and good sportswomen; and contribute to the greater Rochester area through thoughtful community engagement.

Our League

Formed in 2008, we are Rochester, N.Y.'s first all-women, flat-track roller derby league. Member owned and operated, we strive to meet the strict athletic standards of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), of which we are proud members.

RCRD League members hail from all corners of Monroe and Ontario counties. We are professionals, students, business owners and moms. Some of us are lifelong athletes, while others count this as their first foray into competitive sport. Many of us simply never grew out of a childhood dream of making up a cool name, lacing up our skates and taking to the track.

Our Beginnings

Founding member Resident Eva had a revelation while watching the Austin roller girls zip around their track sending competitors flying - She was in the wrong place. Rather than warming a folding seat in the stands, Eva knew she belonged on the track. Sadly, Rochester offered no such opportunity. When she looked around and saw no one else was working toward creating a league, Eva did it herself. From humble beginnings - and the invaluable help of members like Emmeline Spankhurst and Emasculate ‘Em - Roc City found our first private practice space in 2008 and began adding members.