Queen Kicktoria #691

Queen Kicktoria first learned to skate as a child, scooting around her basement while standing on Playskool cars from a McDonalds playset. She successfully avoided participating in sports of any kind until she saw this video on a TV in a restaurant and thought “I HAVE TO DO THAT NOW.  NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.”

Queenie played for the Rottenchesters and the B-Sides until she tore her rotator cuff and needed surgery. Now she's on the other side of the track, blowing whistles and calling penalties.

She hopes to be a member of the roller derby community for as long as is humanly possible, singing early 80’s songs and/or shrieking the entire time.

DERBY DEBUT: Skater - 2008 / Official - 2014

LEAGUE ACCOLADES: Most Improved Rottenchester (2013); Most Improved Zebra (2015, 2016); Most Dedicated Zebra (2016); Roc City Roller Derby Lifetime Achievement Award (2016)

TOURNAMENTS ATTENDED: All 8 on the Floor (2015); Battle of the All Stars (2016, 2017); Siege of CNY (2016, 2017); Beaver Fever (2016); River Valley Riot (2016); East Coast Derby Extravaganza (2017)

NON-DERBY JOB:  Paralegal

LIKES: Sleeping, knitting, Classic Sweetener Blend Diet Pepsi, Mystery Science Theater 3000, schadenfreude

DISLIKES: Exercise of any sort, papercuts, mornings

WHY ROLLER DERBY? "Because it's there."

WHAT IS THE MOST OBSCURE FACT YOU KNOW? "The largest city in the United States with a one syllable name is Flint, Michigan."