Cashman is a born and bred Rochestarian. Grew up in Henrietta, lives in Irondequoit now. Wanted to be in radio since he was a kid. Bitten by the radio bug as a 4th grader as he was a multi-time guest on Mitzi Collin's kids radio show on WXXI called "Sounds Like Fun". Was married and had kids. Currently doing his own thing as his kids grew up and did their own thing. Derby filled a place in a time he needed it and still does.

TOURNAMENTS ATTENDED: East Coast Derby Extravaganza (House Mic Announcer, 2016); D2 Playoffs (House Mic Announcer [Lansing, Michigan] 2016)

DERBY JOBS: Head Announcer

NON-DERBY JOB: Director of Programming for a audio service for nursing homes and senior care facilities called Companion Radio, Host and Produce talk shows Saturdays on Fox Sports 1280

DISLIKES: Cauliflower


WHAT IS THE MOST OBSCURE FACT YOU KNOW? "2 wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do."